Based on the Hartmann-Schack wavefront technology, this model combines the features of an autorefractor / autokeratometer and an aberrometer into one convenient-to-use instrument.

The Hartmann-Shack wavefront analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refractions errors, but also to obtain a spatially resolved refraction of the wavefront.A micro lenslet array, developed by Huvitz, creates a number of separated focal spots, whose pattern provides valuable information about the patient’s ocular system.
Graphical Display of Refraction MapThe graphical display of refraction errors enhances Doctor’s understanding and reliability.

Peripheral keratometry Measurement

HRK-7000 Provides peripheral keratometry measurements that will aid in contact lens fittings.

Pupil and Corneal Diameters

By freezing the image, you can easily measure pupillary and corneal diameters.

High Speed Printer

The high speed printer prints out the final measurement results in 3 seconds.
The printing paper can be changed easily by the one-touch paper holder.

Retro-Illumination Mode

You can see an abnormal crystalline lens, cataracts, and corneal scrathes/scars helping you to determine how healthy the patient’s eyes are. With increased REF power mode, you also can check Sph, Cyl and Axis that cannot be measured in the normal mode.

IOL Measuring Mode

HRK-7000 determines the condition of eyes automatically to detect if there are IOLs or cataracts.