Illumination system brings extremely bright and vivid vision

As a light source, a 12V, 30W high luminance halogen lamp gives you the highest vividness and the purist image.

Magnification Control System taht can be used in variuos observations

We use a drum style, five-step magnification control system.

The faster and more stable IEEE 1394 interface method applied digital camera

HIS-5000 can achieve a maximum resolution of 1.45 M pixel with the IEEE 1394 interface method, which conducts image data faster and with more stability compared with the normal USB interface method.

Microscope can be operated with ease

HIS-5000 gives you vivid images and a wide magnification range with the global standard Galilean Converging Binocular optical system.
(6x:38.5mm, 10x:22.2mm, 16x:15.2mm, 25x:10.5mm, 40x:6.7mm)

Integrated control handle, easily operated one-handed

The integrated control handle is simple to control.
The trigger button mounted on the joystick is used to take the pictures and images can be stored simultaneously if the HIS-5000 is connected to an imaging device.

Yellow filter for Fluoresceine

A simple twist of a knob to enhance the image when using fluoresceine solution. (Filters: Cobalt Blue, Red-Free, Heat Absorption, Grey and Yellow)

Easy and user-friendly patient information management

MS Access Database-based system allows you to search and easily manage current data and historical data of all patients.

Intuitive user interface

A tree-structured user interface offers easy access and updates of patient information without any complicated clicking.

Real time quick image saving

High performance progressive scan CCD camera provides captured images quickly in real time.

Powerful image processing

With Live Tool graphic library, all the images such as JPG, TIFF, RAW and many more formats can be adjusted for brightness, contrast, color channel, saturation, inversion, sharpness, red-free, etc.


Image manipulation for maximum diagnosis


The selected images can be magnified, reduced and rotated with various graphics effects for accurate comparison and diagnosis.




Correlative animation of images captured in different time frames allows you to detect metastasis progression.


[Slide Show]

All images can be selected and used in a presentation as a slide show




Easily locate multiple images of the same finding for further reference.


[Report Generation]

Automatic patients’ report export in MS Words format.


Easy single-click printing of current images.


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